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Rhoades Rails Rules 2nd Edition (PDF)


Rhoades Rails Rules 2nd Edition (PDF)


Round up your game gang for hours of railroad-related excitement

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With this updated version of the Rhoades family rail rules, you'll befriend pirates, embrace socialism, and face the MONSTER in all new ways! Experience all the railroad building fun of the original game, but NOW with more EXPLOSIONS, PERFORMANCES, AND WHISTLE STOP WONDERS!

Additional items needed:

  • Any of Mayfair Games' original rail games (Empire Builder, India Rails, Nippon Rails, British Rails, Euro Rails, Australia Rails, Etc.) 
  • 1d30
  • 1d20
  • 1d10
  • 1d6 (for each player)
  • A spinning top
  • A monster 
  • Nerf darts (for flaming pillars)
  • Fine tip dry erase markers (optional, but suggested)
  • Snacks